From Audio recording to backing track
From Audio recording to printed sheet music

(any combination)

Recording / Post Production - Cubase
Voice Overs
Project Studio with Engineer
Lead Vocal Recording gift sets (recording lead vocal over backing track)

Instrumental recording (brass) for remote located clients
Transpose audio recording
Post production FX (Film)

Click track production

Supply of bands (any size/genre)
Supply musician(s) (any instrument)


Music Typesetting - Sibelius
Re-Typeset existing (tatty) charts
Transpositions (required resetting)
Proof reading

Arranging and Composition
Any mainstream style, any instrumentation

Music theory
Instrumental tuition
Music technology & Recording techniques
Cubase and Sibelius tuition

DAW configuration
VST Instruments
Programming/Sequencing MIDI Files (GM level 1 or 2)